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Hated by the left, longed for by the right, the 11 plus (and entry to Grammar school) is always topical. See below agencies that can help your child prepare for the exam.
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The 11 Plus

The 11 plus is an exam undertaken by school pupils while in year 6 to gain entry to grammar school. Such schools are highly sought after because of the excellent education they offer. However only some local authorities now offer this form of education.

It was once common throughout England and Wales. Based on verbal reasoning and mathematics skills, the test is now limited to just a few local authority areas. We've put together a list of organisations that can help your child prepare for this extremely competitive exam.
So you want a place at a top Grammar School? is a Chuckra ProjectCongratulations! You have come to the right place. Our website is recommended by schools and tutors across the UK as an invaluable resource for anybody wanting to pass the 11 plus exam.
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Visuteach provides 11 plus sample papers for GL Assessment type tests in maths, verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning, Essex CSSE style English and maths tests, Northern Ireland PPTC transfer tests in English and maths, Northern Ireland AQE CEA (Common Entrance Assessment) transfer tests.....
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Our primary mission is to provide information, guidelines and tools for 11 Plus exam preparation. We aim to create a level playing field for all children to realise their true potential. Our dedicated professionals have many years of experience and proven record in teaching, learning psychology and methodology.
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We provide quality 11 Plus classes to students wishing to gain entrance into Grammar Schools across the London Borough of Sutton and South East London area from our centre in Wallington, Surrey, but we also cater for students from across the London area in general.
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11 Plus Swot was dreamed up one afternoon by Tim. His son was getting ready to take the 11+ exam and was astonished that no-one was offering online testing. You could buy books sure, but no-one had really taken advantage of the Internet. He set himself to building
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Bond has provided the number 1 practice materials for the 11 Plus, selective exams and general practice for over 40 years. The Bond resources have helped literally millions of primary school pupils learn and practise at home, in school and with tutors.
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Every second counts when preparing for the 11 plus exam and our revision aids in English can be useful to help fill in spare moments. We have received a lot of positive feedback from parents who have used these on long journeys during the holidays, stuck on their notice boards (and) stuck on the fridge with a fridge magnet....
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The KSOL 5 minute online test is a great way for parents to profile their child's 11 plus ability in just 5 minutes. It really is as simple as that! Once your child has completed their 5 minute test, we will report back to you immediately with your child's score, before going through each question individually......
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