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Easter Revision Courses
Easter courses.....can revisit parts of the curriculum of particular subject areas, strengthen knowledge already covered and help with exam and revision techniques.
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They enable students who are studying e.g. GCSE, International Baccalaureate courses and A levels, an opportunity to revise towards up coming exams ...... that are due in May and June.

Revision Courses - An Introduction

Revision courses are becoming more and more popular. Whether they are run at Easter to help with GCSE maths revision, or perhaps half term designed to help with A level Science revision, the numbers of students attending these programmes is growing.

So what are Easter Revision Courses

These courses are usually run by private providers and are therefore at a cost. They enable students who are studying standard qualifications e.g. GCSEs, International Baccalaureate courses and A levels students, an opportunity to revise towards up coming exams and other forms of assessment that are due in May and June. They can revisit parts of the curriculum of particular subject areas, strengthen knowledge already covered and help with exam and revision techniques.

But first let's determine the difference between these types of revision courses and what may be available via the use of Private Tutors that can offer similar revision help, but on a one to on basis. The main difference is just that - one is on to one basis while the other usually provides revision help in a group environment.

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So when are they run?
Needless to say Easter revision courses are run at, well, Easter. But other courses are run during half term times and even during the summer holidays at some venues.

So why study Easter Revision Courses in the first place?

Good question. Let's start with competition. Higher and higher grades are required to get into a good university. And we're not just talking about Oxbridge here. Even next tier Russell Group Universities such as Imperial, Bristol, Durham and Warwick expect A* for entry onto more and more courses. Regardless of the subject or the area one wants help with e.g. preparing for Biology A level or GCSE maths past papers, an Easter revision course can help a student get the most from their study.

Further more the abandonment of A level resits in January has made the importance of getting it right first time even more paramount. Now there is no second bite of the cherry. Support can be a life line to help gain those all important grades first time around.

Also society is always changing. And many will argue that young people today have too many distractions. Whether it be Face Book, Snapchat or Instagram or any of the other Social media phenomenon, leaving a young person to their own devices regarding revision can only end badly in some cases. Its just the fact that some young people find it difficult to get motivated and plan their revision effectively. Help with revision and covering past exam papers are often best offered, planned and supervised by others.

What do revision courses cover?

As already mentioned these courses cover elements of a subject that the young person may feel they need support in. So therefore it helps if the student is familiar with the subject content. Such courses also help student's develop their revision and exam techniques, which in many cases can be as important as understanding the content in the first place.

So can these courses cover everything a student may have studied over two years or so in a few days or a week? Students who may have missed significant amounts of the study or just not engaged while at school may struggle to benefit from the help and support revision courses can provide. On the other hand, if the objective is simply to pass an exam and not necessarily gain a high grade, then as a method of revision these courses can be extremely effective.

What are the popular subjects studied at revision schools?

The main subjects studied at revision schools tend to be those that students traditionally find difficult. Maths is one such subject. Many students require help with Maths for example going through GCSE Maths past papers or support with A level Maths revision. Other subjects often covered at Easter revision schools include AS Chemistry revision and for Biology A level.

But generally most subjects covered at school as part of GCSEs, A levels or the International Baccalaureate are offered.

How effective are revision courses?

They can be very effective in the right circumstances. The psychological advantage brought about by not being in the school environment is not to be underestimated. At a revision school a student can find it easier to ask questions about elements of study in subjects that they may feel they should already know. In other words they can ask 'silly questions' and not feel stupid in doing so. This creates an atmosphere where students feel more inclined to ask more questions and delve into a subject in more detail etc.

Furthermore revision courses aren't free, so financially they can be quite a struggle. Therefore it's important that the student is highly motivated in order to gain the most from the revision experience. Attending a revision course only half interested is a waste of the students', the tutor and the parents time (and money).

Also not knowing anyone you're studying alongside can help. Studying along side your friends from school can be a massive distraction for many students. When attending a revision course, working with people you don't know, but who are also motivated to achieve, can be highly rewarding and help the student achieve much more than they would amongst their friends.

But not everyone is enthralled with revision schools.
It has to be said that not everyone thinks Easter revisions courses are great. Many educational experts including Head Teachers, question their need and value. They claim that everything a student needs should be able to be provided by their school, whether it is subject content or developing exam and revision techniques.

Also it's claimed that regardless of the quality of these courses or how much money is spent, if the student isn't engaged, then the result won't be positive. It's this required motivation and enthusiasm that is important as to whether student will study and be successful, not the environment i.e. whether it's in school as part of the normal curriculum or on an Easter revision course.

And of course there is the cost. These courses are great - if you can afford them. If you can't, then tough. Not exactly a level playing field many would cry.

But regardless of the views above, it looks like Easter revision courses are here to stay. A bit like the use of Private Tutors, even a marginal improvement in performance for a student can mean the difference between getting a B rather than a C or an A star rather than an A. It's this optimistic outlook that will always drive demand for revision course provision.