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The Milk Round
You may have heard about the Milk Round in relation to university study. But what is it exactly and where and how do they happen? Read on for more details....
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In relation to Higher Education the Milk Round refers to a process by which companies and other organisations attend graduate fairs held on the campuses of universities across the UK (often but not exclusively Russell Group institutions). These events are usually held during the Summer and Autumn terms.

The Milk Round as a term is not owned by one particular organisation, but refers to a process by which the interaction of companies and organisations are brought together with students on university campuses.

Where's the name come from?
The term itself refers to the daily delivery of milk to British homes that used to be very popular in the past. It's the activity of moving from one home, or rather one university to another, that is the reference to the milk round.

Who runs them and who attends?
The fairs are usually organised by the Careers Services of individual universities and will often include the attendance of 'blue chip' companies e.g. accounting and consultancy firms such as KPMG, PWC etc. But other organisations also attend e.g. The Civil Service and Armed Forces, organisations that are keen to promote their graduate training schemes and officer programmes respectively.

Those students that attend such events are usually in their second and third year of study and are actively looking to apply for roles with companies and organisations (it is becoming more and more common for second year undergraduates to apply for positions rather than leaving it until their final year).

There are now many online versions of the Milk Round provided by companies that offer an alternative to having to turn up at a campus event.

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