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Where do I get careers advice? How do I learn about studying abroad? Would an apprenticeship suite me and what about vacancies? You'll find all this and more here in the Careers Advice and Study Planning section!
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In the world of work, life can be very complicated. So planning what you study and how is imperative....

Which career will suite me? What career option would make the most of my skills and abilities - and more importantly will I enjoy it!

Its incredible how many people just 'fall' into a job or career. Of course some don't need any careers guidance at all. They've know what they want to do since they were 10! But for many it's just guess work and luck (or not) until we find something suitable. Not great when a careers can last for 40 years or so.

So planning is key - especially study planning. For example university is obviously one option, but what about Apprenticeships? With the introduction of Higher Apprenticeships and the even newer Apprenticeship Degree, training in the UK has changed forever.

Also what about Studying Abroad as an option? With the introduction of £9000 per year tuition fees, studying in Europe (for free in some places) is exciting many.

See the lists on the left for organisations that can provide help and support whether you're looking for a Careers Adviser, advice on Apprenticeships or help with planning Study Abroad.

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