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What services can Professional Bodies provide?
Professional Bodies and Organisations provide numerous services, not only to their members, but also to those interested in a particular profession or occupational area....
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Services provided by Professional Bodies


Their main objective is to promote and support those involved in their particular field. They are also a really useful source of information for finding out about the Professions in the UK. Jobs, Careers Planning & Advice, Training Opportunities and Events are just some of the different services they can provide..... This organisation offers membership for those that are involved in this occupational area. Membership may involve a cost and require the taking of examinations etc. For some organisations student membership may also be available. Many such sites will have a log on and password requirement allowing access to more detailed information pertinent to the area concerned. Courses, CPD modules or even full qualifications may be offered by this organisation. These are often linked to career progression within this particular professional occupational area. Potentially such study can lead to professional recognition i.e. Chartered Status etc Many organisations offer news updates on their sites. This service allows both members and non members alike the opportunity to keep up with news relevant to their chosen career area. An ideal way of investigation issues affecting an occupational area. Many organisations put on events for their members and sometimes for non members. These can be held at their respective head quarters or across the UK. In some cases such events can also be held abroad. Events can be an ideal source of information for those seeking further guidance on a particular career. If you're thinking about what type of jobs are available in this particular sector then this service is ideal. However please be advised that many jobs/vacancies may require professional qualifications and/or may only be assessable through membership login. A further source of information for members and non members interested in a particular career area is that of publications, reports and research based articles etc. Although sometimes only accessible to members, many professional bodies still offer publications and other resources to non-members, an excellent source of information that can help in decision making about a particular career path. In certain professions public access to a directory can be very useful. For example the Association of Accounting Technicians provides a comprehensive directory of practitioners. This allows members of the public to find an accountant near them. It also gives them an assurance that the individual is qualified and governed by an appropriate body and it allows members to contact each other for potential advice and support. Some professional organisations provide careers information on career aspects of their profession/industry. For example the Law Society provides advice, information and networking opportunities for those seeking a career in Law. Some organisations also offer someone to speak to in some circumstances, especially useful for those that have questions not covered by the relevant website. Many organisations offer their members and others the opportunity to purchase resources such as books and other materials. In many cases this can be an excellent opportunity to find out more about a particular profession.