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The Private Tutor maket is growing - so to the use of Easter Revision courses and support with the 11 Plus. With an abundance of free Revision websites, support with studies is easier than ever!
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About Private Tutors

About Revision Courses

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About the 11Plus

Whether it be the need for extra tuition by using Private Tuition, support with revision or even help with the 11 Plus exam, this section provides a comprehensive list of organisations that can help. Search for the relevant item on the left.

Private Tutors

So why use Private Tutors in the first place? Well, it's a fast growing industry that's for sure. Research done by the London Institute of Education suggests that at least one in four students have received some form of Private Tuition at some stage of their academic life. But how effective are they?

This is open to question. Again research by the London Institute of Research found that in a study of GCSE Maths students the use of Private Tutors resulted in a .5 improvement in grades compared to those that had no help, and nothing at all for GCSE English. Hardly a ringing endorsement. However, there are still plenty who will swear the opposite and wax lyrical about how grades where improved and how e.g. preferred university courses secured. Look for Private Tutors near you on the left.     Back to the top

Revision Courses

None of us are perfect and a bit of extra help can make the difference between a D or a C or an A or A* - therefore entry to a preferred college course or that coveted university degree. This is where revision courses can come into play.

Revision courses and especially Easter revision courses support a student in a narrowly defined short period of time, usually leading up to an exam. Many organisations have been running this type of academic provision for twenty years or more, so the concept is not new. For example many excellent independent schools offer this type of revision support, as well as specialist organisation - but of course for a cost. They are one route to success but not cheap and therefore not a possibility for everyone. Look for Revision Courses on the left.         Back to the top

GCSE & A Level Revision websites

For many students and their families the only financially viable alternative is to utilise a resource that is free (or pretty close). In this section you can see some of the various revision sites that are out there, some free, some paid for.

The amount of online resources available to those undergoing revision is immense. However revision is not most peoples' favourite past time, especially the young - any excuse to procrastinate is often grasped gleefully with both hands. It needs to be understood that although much of what is available on the web is free, much can also be obtained on subscription. However the cost of these paid for services pales into insignificance compared to what could be spent on private tutors and revision schools. See the webites on the left.         Back to the top

The 11 Plus

Grammar school education is still a favourite for many parents, even though it's not available everywhere. In fact there are only few local authorities that still provide Grammar schools in England. Competition for places is fierce and the 11 Plus (the entry exam) is key to success. Therefore preparation is extremely important - and help with this a good idea. Find 11Plus help on the left        Back to the top

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