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We've got a list of University guides to help you can find the best Uni for you, plus a list of Gap Year organisations for when you've finished studying!
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"It should also be remembered that graduates still earn far more than their non graduate peers."

Hundreds of thousands of students have donned their gowns and motor boards this year and swept up to the podium to claim their degree. Despite any lingering doubts about the advantages of spending 3 years building up, in some cases, quite a large amount of debt, going to university is still hugely popular, and continues to be seen as a worthwhile investment - even despite the increase in tuition fees to £9000 for most undergraduate courses.

According to the BBC nearly one in ten graduates are unemployed 6 months after graduation (June 2013), a figure that is much higher than in the past for graduates, but still much less than for other young people bearing in mind the worst recession in living memory. It should also be remembered that graduates still earn far more than their non graduate peers. For example a graduate can earn up to two thirds more per hour than for non-grads.

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It's not all hard work at Uni!

So despite all the doom and gloom, more and more young people are thinking of, or planning to go to university - according to present government officials, the number of in Higher Education places will need to rise from 368,000 to 460,000 over the next 20 years.

So start to plan your entry to HE now with our top University Guides and list of excellent Gap Year organisations.

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