The Professions – The Armed Services

Don’t forget there are a multitude of Army jobs, Navy jobs and RAF jobs available other than just being a Soldier, Sailor or Fighter Pilot….. Check out the sites below for more info.

British Army

The British Army is made up of Regulars who work full time and Territorials who work in their spare time. To help give you an idea of which will suit you best this section outlines them both for you. The Regular Army are full-time soldiers. They train, travel and grow together as a team…

Royal Air Force

Whatever your race, religion, social or cultural background, whether you’re male or female, gay or straight, you’ll find professional respect in the RAF and be welcomed for who you are and what you have to offer. Jobs in the RAF are far more diverse than you’d find in a civilian organisation.

Royal Air Force

Royal Navy

As an Island nation, our prosperity and security is totally dependent on our ability to access the sea. The UK is reliant on a stable global market for the raw materials, energy and manufactured goods which underpin our way of life and, in a globalised world, we must have the ability to respond to any event that…