We list over 300 Professional Bodies plus directories on Careers Advice, Private Tutors, Revision Courses & Sites and more….

Who are we? 

We are the ‘directoryoftheprofessions.co.uk’- a well established comprehensive list of professional organisations in the UK covering just about every occupational sector you can think of. Check out our ‘What can the Professions do for me’ page for more information on the services that Professional Bodies can provide. 

What else do we do? 

We also provide lists of Careers Advisers, Private Tutors, Revision Courses & Sites from across the country, as well as directories for Study Abroad Advice, University Guides and entry for the 11 Plus. 

But my organisation isn’t listed 

No problem. Just email us using the ‘Contact Us’ link and we’ll look at your request in more detail.